Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trip to Streamliners at Spencer - 2

Hi, On Wednesday, May 28 we returned to Aberdeen, NC so we could follow the Aberdeen, Carolina & Western back toward Candor.

As the ACW crew had not yet arrived from Candor we decided to check out the Aberdeen & Rockfish, a few blocks away.  Soon after we got to their engine house a crew started #205 and went to work switching a few cars (above and two below).

About 9:00 AM the ACW crew was pulling and the chase was on.  CSX track is to the left.

The train slowly moved through downtown Aberdeen.

After Aberdeen we found an open area at Pinehurst.

Another open spot was along a back road at Eagle Springs.

We followed the ACW back to Candor and then headed back south.  At Southern Pines we caught K760.

Returning once again to Aberdeen  we found Q742

which we caught at Southern Pines for a second shot.

Thanks for looking.

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