Friday, October 23, 2015

Railfanning on October 21, 2015

Hi, Friend Dale Jacobson and I went up to Hagerstown, MD for an easy day of train photography on Wednesday. It was very laid back as we didn't get on the road until a little after 9:30.

When we arrived at Vardo Yard (NS) in Hagerstown we saw a manifest pulling south.  As it was moving slowly we thought we had time to get to Rench Road, just south of I-70.  We expected the manifest would show up within a few minutes after we arrived but nothing happened.  Then Dale heard #211 talking to the yard master from north of town.  We assumed, correctly, that #211 would run around the manifest in Hagerstown so we held our ground (see above).

After #211 past we decided to head south to set up for the manifest, which we expected to be close behind.  However, instead, when we were exploring close to Sharpsburg, MD #227 came north with the Interstate heritage unit leading; so we returned to Hagerstown where we were able to photograph #227 stopped for a crew change.

Also in the yard was #228 with a former UP SD90/43 MAC awaiting a 1:00 PM call (above and below).

We relocated to State Line, north of town where we were surprised to encounter this local.  As there was no shot we moved further north to Hykes Road.

Fortunately the local cleared before #227 showed up.

Number 202 left the Greencastle, PA yard just ahead of #227.  This slowed #227 down allowing us to catch it at Marion, PA.

We then returned to Hagerstown once again hoping to catch #228.  However, before we could get to the yard we heard the dispatcher give #228 permission to leave on signal so we turned around and continued south to St. James, MD.

Dale wanted to set up for the southbound manifest which we had seen when we first stopped at Vardo but I preferred to check out Shenandoah Junction, WV, which we did.  Nothing happened on NS while we were there but CSX provided oil train K059 and

Q217 in quick succession.  Then it was time to head for the barn. 

Thanks for looking.

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Steve Boyko said...

I really like that second last photo - great light, framing, location.