Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trip to Chicago - Day 6

Hi, On our second, and last, day at the museum we really lucked out. The day started with the steam train, the Nebraska Zephyr + E5 and the North Shore cars running on the mainline.

Here the Zephyr is at the railroad crossing just west of the museum.

About a quarter mile east of the museum there is a private grade crossing which leads to a front yard with a great view of the tracks (above and five below).  There was no one home from whom to get permission so we decided to shoot a few there and ask if someone returned.  We took nothing but photos and left nothing,

A former CTA PCC was on the trolley loop.

We got a couple of shots on the "mainline" (above and below) and

of the Zephyr headed in to a platform track.

On Saturday an unsuccessful attempt was made to start this bus.  I really hoped to see it run.

The conductor and a trainman await passengers for the Zephyr (above and below).

At Seeman Road we caught the North Shore set heading east

followed by the Zephyr backing east.

I was able to catch the Zephyr once more as it backed through the semaphores just west of the Museum.

Later in the afternoon the North Shore cars were put away and this pair of Chicago Aurora and Elgin cars came out.  We caught them at Seeman Road

where they met the steam train.

After the steam train cleared they continued east to the end of the line about a mile away

and then reversed direction (above and below).

We caught them westbound on the main across from the station

and then coming into the station.

We elected to ride one trip.  The motorman was pleased to pose for a photo.

This single truck open car ran on the Trolley Loop while we were photographing on the mainline so I could only get pictures of it as it was being put away.

Thanks for looking.

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Steve Boyko said...

That Zephyr looked fantastic! Nice job capturing all the action.