Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Great Rivers of Europe - 10

Hi, During the night after leaving Nuremberg we passed through the final locks on the Rhine-Maine-Danube Canal.

Among them were three of the deepest of the locks.  In the view above we are approaching one of them.

In this view we have been lowered almost to the bottom of the lock.  From the top to the lowest point it is 82 feet.

Our next stop was the village of Kelheim.  This monument commemorates the German victories over Napoleon.  It sits on a hill overlooking the town.

The town has some interesting structures.

In Kelheim we transferred to a smaller excursion boat for a trip through the Danube Gorge.  On the way we passed this interesting beer garden.

Our destination was Weltenberg Abbey (above and 3 below).

The interior of the church is quite ornate (above and three below).

While we ate lunch aboard the ship we continued on to Regensburg.  It seemed like we could not get enough photos of the various signs.

For Ruthe and me this was a very special place (above and four below).  It is an open air sculpture built on the site of the town's medieval synagogue as a reminder that Christians and Jews had lived together in this place since 981.  However, all was not harmony as the synagogue was destroyed after the Jews were expelled from Regensburg in 1519.

Today this is a place where people come to sit and enjoy a beautiful day and the children play.  

As we walked back to the ship along the water front we passed these river craft that were part of a museum (above and below).

I found some of the other boats tied up along the river also of interest (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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