Friday, November 13, 2015

Railfanning Altoona - NS

Hi, Before we quit for the evening after the steam trips we checked out the former PRR, then PC, then CR, then NS car shop in Hollidaysburg. This shop is now under private ownership and appears to be very busy.

It seems the car shop has a contract with NS to fabricate new cabs for the Juniata Shops locomotive rebuild programs.

The next morning, after checking out Gallitzen, Cresson and Lily and finding the sun angles were not very good, we returned to Altoona.  We headed to the "brickyard" as we thought a heritage unit might pass through the area during the day and therefore we wanted to stay near the tracks.  Our first train was a westbound empty oil train.

Next up was a westbound manifest.

A couple of trains came downgrade with helpers still attached (above and below).

After leaving Altoona we checked out a few more locations before getting some sandwiches to eat next to the tracks at Fostoria where we caught two trains (above and two below).  This is a much better location in the morning when the sun is on the other side of the tracks.

We thought Union Furnace would be wide open, however, by about 3:00 PM the shadows had begun to encroach on the track (above and below).

The light was going fast when we arrived at Tyrone.  However, an eastbound did show up while before shadows ruined the photo.

Thanks for looking.

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