Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Railfanning the Northeast Corridor, 11-6-2015

Hi, I went out on the Northeast Corridor on Friday with a new friend - Ira Silverman.

Our first stop was the passenger station at Newark, Delaware (above and eight below). 

While at Newark we were surprised when a SEPTA train of conventional equipment with an AEM-7 for power arrived

and then, after a short wait, headed back north.

Our next stop was in Northeast, MD (above and below).  Photographing trains at this spot really should be done earlier in the morning.

At Ira's suggestion we poked around the area of Principio Furnace where we found these bridges for an overhead view (above and three below).

The GP38 has come off the mainline at the interlocking in the background.  This is some kind of maintenance base.

We relocated to Perryville, MD where we filmed this freight and

a work train in quick succession.

Finally, we moved across the Susquehanna River to Havre de Grace where we found a park Ira knew about (above and two below).

Thanks for looking.

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