Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Railfanning Altoona - Everett Freight

Hi, On Monday, November 9, Stan Short and I elected to photograph the Everett Railroad freight train. We had been told by a crew member on Saturday, when we photographed the Everett's steam excursion, that they normally left Holidaysburg between 9:00 and 9:30 AM. However, due to the large number of cars to needing switching the train actually departed at about 10:10 AM.

As the locomotives moved back and forth arranging the train we were able to capture the action from a variety of angles.  Here are two of my favorites (above and below).

After we got tired of watching the crew switch we relocated to the spot we had chosen for our first photograph on the line.  The location is just north of Reservoir, PA where a power line crosses the road (above and two below).

At Brooks Mill the trailing locomotive in the power consist was placed on the rear of the train.

The first switching stop was the paper mill at Roaring Spring (above and below).

While the train switched the paper mill we went ahead to choose our next location (above and below).  Depending on the light, Roaring Spring is rich with photo opportunities.

East of Roaring Spring the line climbs a stiff grade behind Smith Transfer.

The train stopped to switch a feed mill west of Martinsburg, PA (above and three below).  When the train finished switching and left we were surprised that somewhere between Smith Transfer and here the unit on the rear of the train and some of the cars had cut off.

Our final location was on the outskirts of Martinsburg.  There is a wye just to the east of here where the train turned.  Also, this is the place where the line to Curryville branches off.

We elected to leave the train after it finished turning in Martinsburg as Stan was presenting a program to the Baltimore Chapter of the NRHS that evening and we wanted to allow plenty of time to get there in case there were traffic issues along the way.  Also, the weather had become cloudy.

Thanks for looking.

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