Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Railfanning 12-13-2011

Hi, I had the opportunity to revisit some old familiar places in Baltimore with friend Dale Jacobson and his wife on Tuesday.  After checking out a couple of places in Halethorpe, and on the south side of Baltimore we arrived at Baily's Wye just in time to catch Q409.

Q217 was right behind Q409 so we went to Bush Street where the Baltimore skyline looms in the background.

The radio was active indicating that both Q035, a holiday rush period train shown below, and Q031 were on the way.

Between Q035 and Q031 a local came out of Riverside Yard and headed south to Mt. Winans yard to switch. 

Shortly after the yard job passed Q031 went south.

Q370 was waiting and continued its trip north as soon as Q031 cleared the single track.  The tracks to the left of the train in the photo above terminate in Camden Station.

Right behind Q370 was Q034.  We went back to Bush street to photograph it.

Next we checked out Penn Mary yard and the surrounding area.  We spotted a Canton RR switcher working their yard and a Canton GP and switcher sitting on a cut of cars.  Since nothing looked promising we moved on to Sparrows Point.  Our first stop was at Grays Yard where we found a switcher in what we assume is the new R. G. Steel paint scheme.

After getting our fill of the switcher at Grays Yard we headed down to the steel mill proper and found another switcher working a long string of flat cars loaded with coiled steel sheet.

Our final stop was back at Penn Mary where we found the Canton GP and switcher with headlights and ditch lights on.  After about 20 minutes the train came up to Boston Street.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots, Bob. What road were you on to get the RG Steel switcher at Gray's Yard? What road bridge were you on to get the Bicentennial unit? I haven't been down that way for years. I'm very surprised that you weren't hassled by security people.
Bill Kalkman

Bob Kaplan said...

We used Reservoir Rd. Grays Yard. The overhead photo of the Bicentennial unit was taken off the Wharf Rd. bridge. Both roads are shown on Google Maps. Hope this helps.