Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turkey - 7

Hi, The first group of photos were taken at Pamukkale, a very large series of carbonate terraces and hills formed from flowing hot springs.  After stopping at the bottom of the formation we then drove to the top and had some time to explore and photograph the formations from above.

The Romans established a city here with baths to take advantage of the hot springs called Hierapolis.  The ruins that remain are sparse.

After we left Pamukkale we visited a town famous for its linen weaving.  We visited a location where the weaving was done and then were free to look around the shops in town, including the one where this gentleman was working.

The following Saturday was the celebration of the formation of the Turkish Republic and bands from various local schools were out practicing for the local parade.

As we walked by one of the schools children in the school yard came over to have their photo taken.

At night there was a belly dancer in the lounge of our hotel.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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