Monday, December 5, 2011

Turkey - 4

Hi, On our way to Ismir we stopped at a small village to have lunch in the homes of some of the local residents.  To do this we were split up into groups of 6.  When we arrived in the village groups of men were lounging in the square.

The next 2 photos show typical furnishings in the house I visited.  At our guide's suggestion we split up and my wife Ruthe went to a different home.

After lunch our hosts posed for photos.

Sunday in Izmir is a day to relax and there seems to be no better place than the promenade along the harbor.  The yellow building is the old customs house.

A large container ship rode at anchor awaiting its turn at a pier.

Many small outdoor restaurants were along the water.

A close up of the walk made an interesting pattern.

Many couples enjoyed the beautiful day.

This gentleman would take their picture and then produce a print for them on the spot, and

this woman did a good business selling her flowers.

The young boy is selling Simit, a delicious roll formed in a circle and sometimes covered with sesame seeds.

A abstract sculpture along the promenade was great for the older boys to climb.

A square off the promenade had a clock tower and a very small Mosque.

Many families were in this area and that brought out lots of vendors.  This one has bird seed  for the pigeons and ballons for sale while he stirs the ubiquitous glass of tea.

This young boy and his father were selling balloons.

Cotton candy tempted adults and children alike.

A march was scheduled for that afternoon to protest a Kurdish attack in southern Turkey in whcih 26 soldiers were killed.

Next we explored the market area.  The old market part of this area is closed on Sunday but the rest of the area is bustling.  I have included three photographs I liked.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs.

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