Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turkey - 6

Hi, Our next stop was Ephesus.  The site was first settled in 6000 BC.  The area has a complex history and has been ruled, amongst others, by the Greeks, Persians and Romans.  It was once a major port, however, silting of the harbor over time resulted in its decline.  I have only a few comments so enjoy the photos.

Cats are every where in Turkey and in great numbers.

There are mosaic tiles in excellent condition.

The Romans built modern looking toilet facilities.  No privacy.

The major structure at the site is called The Library of Celsus.  The facade was reconstructed of all original parts.

It was an interesting site and very crowded.  Next we visited a huge hot springs area and an old church ruin. I'll cover those in the next blog post.

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