Saturday, December 24, 2011

Railfanning 12-20-20211

Hi, Friend Doug Koontz and I decided to get together last Tuesday in spite of the weather forecast as it had been a long time since we had seen each other.  Because the weather was supposed to be cloudy, and it was, we elected to check out Baltimore.  There were some places I had visited the week before that Doug had not been to since around 1980 and he wanted to see how things had changed.

Our first stop was Boston Street in the Penn Mary area where we came across the Canton RR geep and switcher I had photographed there a week earlier with Dale Jacobson.

The Canton Units backed their train away from the grade crossing, so we headed for Sparrows Point.  A Patapsco & Back Rivers switcher, in the Bethlehem Steel Co. railroads corporate paint scheme, was switching Grays Yard.  This photo was taken as it left the yard for the mill.

We drove to the Wharf Road over pass, and then

to Sparrows Point Road.

The switcher dropped its cars in the yard next to Sparrows Point Road and went out of site into the mill so we returned to Boston Street in Penn Mary.  There were 2 NS locals working the Penn Mary area.  Here one of them is pulling forward as a Canton RR switcher pulls loads of scrap toward their yard.
The local then backed down to another area to continue switching.

Almost immediately a second local appeared,

  while the Canton continued pulling its scrap loads.

The Canton dropped its loads at South Newkirk Street and

got on a string of empties

which it pushed back to the scrap yard.  These photos were taken in the area of O'Donnell Street.

Having seen a photo he liked taken of a train under the Mount Royal Station train shed, Doug had been studying the area using Mapquest.  He wanted to take a look on the ground so we headed there.  CSX was very quiet but the trolley line provided many opportunities.

Finally, a freight came out of the Howard Street Tunnel and headed into the south end of the train shed.

At about this point we ran out of light so we headed for home. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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