Friday, October 5, 2012

Baltic Cruise - St. Petersburg, Russia - 2

Hi, Our second day in St. Petersburg began with a visit to Catherine's Palace and grounds.  We were met as we left the bus by a band,

and then another one at the palace gates.

The palace, like the Hermitage, is huge and

richly detailed.  That yellow stuff that looks like gold is actually 24 carat gold.

Detail continues inside

again with the liberal use of gold.  This is one of the reception rooms.

There are about 1/2 dozen dining rooms, each with its own china.

This blue unit is part of the central heating system in the Palace.  It is original.

Also, there are many decorative objects sitting on furniture, such as these vases.

One of the rooms contained a period musical instrument.

This statue represents Catherine the Great.

In one room the walls are covered with art.

Unlike the Hermitage, Catherine's Palace has extensive grounds.

This building was, and probably still is, used for meetings.

This was the music building.  We were given a short performance inside after which the performers offered CDs for sale.

After lunch we visited the gardens surrounding Peterhof (built by Peter the Great).  The gardens are known for their fountains.  Amazingly, the fountains work using gravity, not pumps.  We did not go in this palace so only exterior views can be shown.

There follows numerous views of the fountains and some of the gardens surrounding the palace.

These fountains were interesting because they only operate when someone or something passes in front of them, in this case the running little boy.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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