Monday, October 22, 2012

CPLs and Heritage Units - 1

Hi, I traveled with friends Bill Kalkman, Jeremy Beck, and Rodney Peterson in the hopes of photographing NS heritage units between Roanoke, VA and Iaeger, WV from 10/6 to 10/14.  We were fortunate to catch 6 units either leading trains or pointing to the rear on helpers.  Also, we photographed 3 units in trailing positions and one just sitting in the Bluefield, WV yard.  In  addition, this was my first opportunity to really use my new camera/lens combination.  In August I received a Nikon 24-120 F4.0 zoom lens I had ordered and just before the trip my new Nikon D600 arrived.

In thinking how to present the photos I thought it might be most interesting to begin with heritage units, add the CPLs we found (there were a number still in service) and then finish up with a few of my favorite photos of NS black locomotives.  Below are heritage unit photos from the first 3 days.

Our first encounter was in Roanoke where a recently arrived train #822 sat in South Yard.

After #822 was recrewed we photographed it off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Niagara.

By the fading light of the second day we caught the Southern heritage unit helping a coal train at Bluefield, WV.

The third day brought a surprise.  When we passed Shaffers Crossing on 10/6 we spotted the Virginian Unit sitting.  We were surprised on 10/8 when is showed up on a light power move, here at Oakvale, WV.

We photographed it again at Hardy, WV, and

Ada, WV

before it arrived at the Bluefield, WV yard.

Also, present in the yard were the Southern and Conrail heritage units.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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