Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CPLs and Heritage Units - 3

Hi, This will be the final post with heritage units.  All of the photos were made on 10/13.  After checking Bluefield Yard, as was our practice, we headed west to see what we could find.

Between Falls Mills and Yards we spotted eastbound coal train #762 with the Interstate unit stopped.  we headed back to Falls Mill for our first location.  Note the CPLs on the right.

From Falls Mills we just beat it to Bluefield, VA and then

to the yard at Bluefield, WV where the train stopped for a crew change.

We got it one more time at Ada, WV, a few miles east of Bluefield.

Then we went back to the yard where the Pennyslvania and N&W units were sitting waiting for an assignment.

While we were photographing an empty hopper train departed.

We then returned to Bluefield, VA where we learned a coal train was coming with the Southern unit as part of the helper and facing the rear. We photographed the train and then

moved to the west side of Bluefiled, WV.

From the radio we learned that the helper set was being sent to Iaegar, WV where it would tie up so we gave chase.  Our first shot was back at Bluefield, VA.

From there we easily beat the set to Northfork, WV.

Our last photo was at Welch, WV.

We went to Ieagar but somehow missed that the helper set had been turned back to Bluefield so this ended our photography of the heritage units.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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