Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CPLs and Heritage Units - 2

Hi, On 10/9 we stumbled on the Interstate Ry heritage unit sitting in Bluefiled, WV yard ready to go east with a loaded coal train.  We caught it leaving the yard,

at Ada, WV,

at Cox's Cutoff, WV,

Willowton, WV,

Glen Lyn, VA, and

between Glen Lyn and Narrows, VA

before ending our chase where the coal train took the connection from the former N&W to former Virginian trackage at Narrows.

Later in the day we encountered the DL&W heritage unit trailing on an eastbound coal train.  The train was waiting for a helper at Farm, WV.

While the loads waited an empty hopper train headed west.

The afternoon of 10/10 we were surprised by an empty hopper train at Landgraff, WV.  A chase of the train proved fruitless.

Finally, close to dusk we photographed the Lehigh Valley unit, again running as second unit on a coal train.  This was at Coopers, WV.

We did not see any units on 10/11.  On 10/12 toward the end of the day we came across the Pennsylvania and N&W units pushing an 11,000 ton manifest eastbound up the Elkhorn grade.  We photographed the helpers at Northfork, WV,

Elkhorn, WV,

Ennis, WV, and

Coopers, WV.  This photograph was taken at ISO 6400 with noise reduction on high.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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