Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cochin India - 1

Hi, I will be posting a series of Ruthe's and my photos taken in Cochin in two groups.

As we approached the dock in Cochin I photographed this ship listed as a RoRo passenger and cargo ship.  Also, an Indian patrol vessel arrived in port, and

a pilot boat came along side to take off the pilot.

Before we disembarked a local band arrived on the dock to welcome us.

However, I don't think they were really into it.

The modern section of Cochin lay on the opposite side of the harbor from the port.

Our first stop during the day's tour was St. Francis Church, said to be the oldest church in India.

This vendor was selling coconuts across the street from the church.

Next, we stopped to view Chinese fishing nets.

As we walked along the waterway this dredge made port.

Here some men work the nets.

Other fishermen were working on their boats.

And of course there was fresh fish for sale.

I believe this wall surrounds a Madrassa or Arab school.

This young girl was playing in a park across from the waterfront where the fishermen were working,

as was this toddler.

Buses frequently provide an excellent platform for photos.  However, sometimes the tinted windows make for weird color; as was the case here.  Hence the conversion to black and white.

Cochin at one time had a significant Jewish population and the tour we chose stopped in the former Jewish neighborhood.  The shops in the area attempt to capitalize on this heritage.

While people on our tour shopped Ruthe and I wandered around the area taking photos.

While we were doing so this young man came along herding a few goats, looking for some place for them to graze.

I will be including some additional photos, including the exterior of the remaining synagogue in the next post.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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