Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Singapore - 2013

Hi, Ruthe and I recently took a 3 week trip that consisted of a 2 week cruise from Singapore to Mumbai in India followed by a 5 night land tour in India. Presented here are some of our photos taken while in Singapore.

The following 3 photos were taken through our bus window as we drove from the airport to our ship.  The building to the left in the photo below (actually 3 towers connected at the top) and the right in the 3rd photo is the Marina Bay Sands; a resort hotel. 

We sailed on the Azamara Journey.  The ship has a capacity of about 680 passengers but only 588 were aboard for this cruise; I suspect because there were many passengers in single cabins.

The next 4 photos were taken from our ship.  This cable car ran across the harbor.

Under the cable car was a monorail.  The commercial port can be seen in the background in this photo.

Across from the ship was a hotel and entertainment complex that included an amusement park.

The day after we arrived we took a 3 1/2 shore excursion around Singapore.  Our first stop was an apartment complex where we took an elevator to an observation deck on the 50th floor.  Most of the port of Singapore could be seen from here, however, haze made it impossible to see it all.

Because like Hong Kong, and many other modern cities, land is at a premium the direction of building is up.  The Government of Singapore builds many of these apartments and sells them, when new,  at a substantial discount to first time home owners.

There are still some older sections of the city and this one would be our next destination.

As Ruthe and I began to explore this area we came upon these statues.  They commemorate the hardships encountered by Samsui women who emigrated to Singapore from China during the 1950s and 1960s.

We continued to explore photographing buildings and sites that caught our eye.  The observation deck we had just left was near the top of the tall buildings in the background.  The bridges connecting the buildings near their tops are part of the deck.

Singapore is a very clean city.

On our way back to the bus we walked through this food court.

The Marina Bay Sands is to the left in the photo below with the Marina Bay shopping mall immediately to its right.  Next on the right is the Art Science Museum.

We walked across this bridge to reach the shopping mall.

From the bridge the performing arts center could be seen.

We ended our walk at the Marina Bay Mall.

Our next to last stop was at Gardens by the Bay Park.  One of these tree sculptures has a restaurant, and

there is a walk connecting 3 of the trees that can be seen in the background.

Two domes (one shown below) are part of the park; the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Dome.

Our final stop was a flood control project but it was relatively uninteresting photographically.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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