Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi, Our next to last stop was in Goa.  On our shore excursion we visited an Indian temple and then a spice farm.

Women sold flowers at the entrance to the temple.

When we were on the temple grounds we observed some of the monks striding across the main plaza.  They may have gone to the wash up facility as I think I saw one carrying tooth paste.

After awhile they gathered around what appeared to be a shrine and seemed to pray.

Outside the temple was the usual shopping area with items for locals as well as tourists.

These 2 young men are selling the sap from sugar cane as a drink.  They run it through the blue press and then place it in a glass.  The glass is rinsed in water after each use.  The glasses are on the left at the bottom of the photo.

We were welcomed to the spice farm by these girls doing a local dance and singing.

I found the spice farm pretty boring so I contented myself with taking some flower pictures.

This gentleman demonstrated how he climbs a palm tree to harvest coconuts.

For our departure Ruthe went up on deck for this photo of the port.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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