Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minneapolis/ST. Paul, MN Slides

Hi, A couple of years ago I put together a digital program using some of my older slides and covering 5 major urban areas.  Here are 7 from Minneapolis/ ST. Paul, MN.  I plan at least one more post from Minneapolis/ ST. Paul.

A brace of Amtrak passenger units is sitting at what I believe is the former Great Northern engine house in Minneapolis.  I think the photo was taken in 1973.  I had a business trip to the Twin Cities and extended it to Saturday so I could see some railroad sights with a friend.

The next 2 photos also were taken on a business trip in the early 70's.  One of the people I was working with in the Twin Cities and his family took me down to the former Burlington's yard in the Pigs Eye district of St. Paul.

Soo Line's yard was on the northeast side of Minneapolis.  On the same day that I photographed the Amtrak units above I caught one of the Soo's two Alco RS-27s on a transfer run near Shoreham Yard.

1982 brought me back to the Twin Cities for the beginning of a 9 day railfan trip.  Below, a Soo Line freight is headed west across the Mississippi River.

Also we went to the site of the former Milwaukee Road station in downtown Minneapolis.  While we were there a C&NW transfer ambled through the area.

I don't remember the dates the last 2 slides were taken.  However, both images were made at Hoffman Street, just north of the Pigs Eye yards of C&NW, BN and CP (former Milwaukee).

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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