Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colombo, Sri Lanka - 1

Hi, After 3 days at sea we arrived at Colombo, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).  The two photos below show the light houses protecting the entrance to the port.

The first day we visited a museum at which pictures were not allowed.  In the bus for our tour we pulled up next to a motorized 3 wheel taxi with theses children inside.

A group of school children were visiting the museum.

Our next stop was to see a demonstration of traditional fishing techniques.  These fisherman would sit on these platforms a few yards offshore and cast their lines.

Nets also were used and I was able to get this view through the window of the bus of a group of fisherman bringing in a huge net.

We stopped at a hotel for lunch where Ruthe photographed this staircase with these neat sculptures.

After lunch I went outside to photograph some of the traffic.  Buses and trucks have wild paint schemes and advertising.

In the afternoon we visited Galle Fort.  People still lived within the walls so there were churches,

a mailbox,

and children.

Needless to say this display is aimed at sales to tourists.

The fort was on the edge of a bay and across from it was this temple to the god Shiva.

A lighthouse stood on the ramparts of the fort that faced the harbor.

Ruthe took this photo while we were walking on the fort's ramparts.

The final 3 photos were taken from the bus as we drove back to the ship.

We spent the night at the dock and there was a buffet on deck followed by entertainment.  I'll include that with the second day's photos.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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