Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Slides - 3

Hi, My first encounter with the Minneapolis Northfield and Southern, in the early 1970s, involved some of their very interesting, to me, 1st generation power.  Switching their yard was this Fairbanks Morse H-12-44.

Our next stop was BN's Northtown Yard where we found their only operable Baldwin center cab (they had 2) waiting to enter the yard with a transfer run.  To the right across the bridge in the background was Soo's Shoreham yard.

A little later a much larger cut of transfer cars was on its way back to the MN&S yard, crossing the Mississippi River on the Soo Line's bridge.

By 1982, when I next visited, this GP-39 was switching the yard and all of the 1st generation power was gone.

After it was done switching the yard #41 took a transfer cut to the south end of Northtown Yard.

Thanks for looking.

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