Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Railfanning - 6/29/2013

Hi, Jim Kleeman and Tom Bunjon joined us at the motel Friday evening.  We spent the next day chasing the excursion as a group.

After breakfast at the motel we headed back to Steamtown.  There was some sun on the Alco lineup so we took some more photos.  Our intent was to photograph the special as it moved into the station to pickup passengers.  However, it was at the east end of the yard and was blocked by one of the DL power sets.  As the first shot Jim, Tom and I wanted required about a 1/4 mile walk in we left before the train was positioned at the station.

The sun was in and out at Elmhurst Reservoi, just west (all directions are based on the railroad time table) of Moscow, PA.  It was gone from here in the next 30 seconds.

From the reservoir we went to Tobyhanna, PA, where the train was scheduled to stop to receive passengers.  We arrived about a minute or two before it did.

There is an old DL&W tower here in addition to the station.  I would have liked to have gotten further back but there was another railfan right next to me and he was there first.

We had plenty of time at Cresco, PA even though there was a long detour.

After detraining passengers at Delaware Water Gap, PA the train proceeded a few miles east to Slateford, PA where there is a siding that allowed the engines to run around the train.  The train is shown below about a mile from the siding.

The DL ran its train to Slateford later in the day.  It spent about an hour and a half waiting at Analomink before moving about a mile east to meet the returning passenger train.

We next returned to Cresco.

Just east of Tobyhanna PA route 611 crosses the tracks.

In spite of the short distance involved we arrived in Tobyhanna in a dead heat with the train.  Once again it stopped; this time to let off passengers.

We left ahead of the special and beat it to Moscow.

Our last photo opportunity was near the University of Scranton.

Thanks for looking.

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