Thursday, July 11, 2013

Washington, DC and Viscinity

Hi, Continuing with the slides I had scanned for a program, I'll now switch to the Washington, DC area.  The first group was shot at Washington Union Terminal.

At one time Amtrak considered purchasing Canadian LRC equipment.  As a result they arranged for the loan of a trainset painted in Amtrak colors for a 6 month demonstration.  The train is shown below at the bumper post in Washington Union Station.  The equipment was quickly determined to be unsuitable and was returned early.

One of WUT's Alco RS-1s was painted for Amtrak.

Back in the early 90's Amtrak brought over a German Intercity Express, or ICE train, and

a Swedish X2000 for testing as they were deciding which technologies should be incorporated into the design for their coming Acela Express.  Each set operated for about 6 months.  The trains tended to run on the noon schedule out of DC and I worked within walking distance of the WUT.  Hence, I walked over to the station a few times to take some photos.  K Tower is shown in the 2 photos below.

A long distance train is ready to depart for New York City. 

An AEM7 is ending its run as it arrives at WUT.

Next time I'll post some photos from Ivy City engine terminal.  Thanks for looking.

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