Sunday, July 28, 2013

Washington, DC and Viscinity - 3

Hi, In this post we'll move out along the Northeast Corridor as far as the Bowie, MD area.  We'll start the journey where the freight bypass around Washington Union Station crosses the Anacostia River into Maryland.  First up is a Chessie System freight.

In the next photo a Conrail freight is headed by a pair of E-33s.  Originally purchased by the Virginian Railway they went to the N&W in its 1959 merger with the Virginian.  When the electrification on the Virginian came down the E-33s, which were only a few years old, were sold to the New Haven.  They became Conrail property when it absorbed the New Haven in 1969.

The Washington Union Station bypass joins the passenger line from the station at Landover.  The three photos below were taken during the spring and summer of 1971.

A temporary station existed at New Carrollton, MD a bit north of the current station.  Just after Amtrak was created a connection off the Broadway Limited ran from Harrisburg, PA to Washington, DC.  It is shown below at New Carrollton.

The German ICE train is eastbound just north of the Lanham, MD station.

Back in the day Bowie was a great place to go to watch and photograph trains.  There was a wye and and operational tower inside the wye.  In the photo below the DC connection for the westbound Broadway limited is passing the tower.

In addition to the tower there was a shelter for commuters heading to Washington, DC.  The original "Swedish Meatball" is shown westbound.  This stop has now been moved about a mile north to Bowie State University.

As seen from the tower, a trio of Alco RSD-12s leads a coal train headed for either the Morgantown or Chalk Point generating stations.

Jericho Park is the end of our Journey on the Northeast Corridor.  The grade crossing is gone, replaced by an overpass that now carries MD Rt 197.  The commuter shelter has been replaced by a modern commuter stop with high level platforms on both side of the track.  The train is eastbound.

The westbound Metroliner shown below was taken from the approach to the new bridge mentioned above.

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