Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Washington, DC and Viscinity - 2

Hi, In this post are a series of photos taken at Ivy City, the engine terminal for Washington Union Terminal, mostly, if not all, in the 1970s.  Back in the day you could park in a lot off New York Avenue across the Northeast Corridor from Ivy City and just walk over to look at and/or photograph the locomotives. 

The closest GG-1 in the photo below is the Amtrak unit with a "buy bonds" decal.

Old meets new in this photo as Southern Railway FP7s face an Amtrak SDP40F.

Amtrak painted 5 GG-1s in this scheme.  Not my favorite but I liked it better than black.

New SDP40Fs are in a classic publicity pose.

A WUT Alco RS-1 is taking cars off the Southern Crescent for a bath.

The original "Swedish meatball" is parked next to a soon to be replaced GG-1.  The Swedish locomotive was brought over for a 6 month trial.  EMD negotiated a license to build it over hear.  Similar locomotives were purchased by SEPTA, NJ DOT, and MARC, all commuter operators.

Another locomotive brought over for a trial was this Romanian diesel hydraulic switcher, nicknamed the Romanian Quarter Horse.  It is shown below next to an Amtrak painted Alco S-2.  The Quarter Horse test was not successful.

Finally, the GE built E-60, which was marginally successful in that it operated for a number of years but did not achieve it performance objectives.

Thanks for looking.

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