Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Florida Trip 3 - United States Sugar Corportation

Hi, Friend Stan Short and I spent all day, Sunday 3/29 photographing cane trains.

We decided to start at the first grade crossing heading west out of Clewiston as it was a good place to watch the wye at the east end of the mill's yard.  As we were heading over there we heard a train whistling for grade crossings to our west and were able to just beat the train to the grade crossing.

It wasn't long before #504 went west with empties and we followed it.  At Moore Haven we chose a different angle from the day before to photograph it crossing the Caloosahatchee Canal.

While the train was loading west of town we set up for the return trip.

This time the train moved pretty fast and we just beat it to a curve west of Sugarton.

Then it was into Clewiston for a last shot and lunch.

In the early afternoon we returned to the first grade crossing railroad west (geographically north) of the yard where we got #504 returning to the cane fields with empties.

We spotted another empty train taking the south (railroad east) leg of the wye and decided to try to get a shot of it, which we did a few miles south of Clewiston.

We returned to Clewiston and started west looking for #504.  We found the crew spotting empties at the loader at Gramlin.

Immediately after leaving the loader the train crossed County Highway 720 just east of Moore Haven.

and then a canal.

As the train usually must stop, and did so on this occasion, to open the Caloosahatchee Canal bridge we were able to find still another angle to shoot the empty train.

While the train was loading west of Moore Haven we walked up on the parallel US Highway 27 bridge for this series of shots (above and three below).

A canal off Lake Okeechobee is behind the dam in the background.

As the train stopped again so the conductor could close the bridge we were able to again photograph the train as it crossed the canal between Moore Haven and Gramlin and then

Passing through a cane field.

Thanks for looking.

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