Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Florida Trip - 4, United States Sugar Corporation

Hi, This will be the final post covering the trip Stan Short and I made to Florida. We started out early in the morning of March 30 by staking out the bridge in Moore Haven. Our objective was to photograph a train from the east end of the bridge but across the tracks from where we had been shooting.  Unfortunately, although we waited for about two hours nothing happened.

On our way back to Clewiston we spotted this loaded train and managed to get into position at Sugarton (above and two below).  The plow was preparing a field for reseeding which occurs at least three years after a field is first harvested.

We caught the loaded cane train again just east of the engine house in Clewiston.  The plume over the middle of the train was from a burning cane field.  Burning removes excess foliage and is the first step in the harvesting process.

We then headed for the grade crossing north of the wye.  The train on the right did some local switching and then went to Belle Glade to set out cars (above and below).

The cane train on the left above was waiting for the #308 to clear so it could enter the yard (below).

As the cane train entered the yard a light engine went east.

Our final series of shots were of #308 switching east of the engine house in Clewiston.

Thanks for looking.

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