Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tanzania, Africa - 8B


It was not unusual to come across predators, such as this Hyena, just resting.

We stopped to eat lunch at a spot Mkenda, our guide, called Hidden Valley.  As we arrived a herd of Common Eland spotted us and quickly left. 

However, huge herds of Zebra remained with many babies present.

Zebras seemed to be affectionate toward on another.  However, clumping up together like this makes it hard for predators to figure out what they are looking at so its also a defense mechanism.

Groups of Zebra would enter the lake, drink, splash around and then trot out.  Then new animals would enter the lake (above and four below).

Egrets also were plentiful around the lake.

Later we spotted this Tawny Eagle in a tree.

Here a Zebra is enjoying a roll in the grass.

Again, we encountered a kill with vultures fighting.

Many of the animals, such as these Wildebeest, harbor bugs in their hair which constitute a veritable feast for birds.

Thanks for looking. 

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