Friday, April 24, 2015

Potomac Eagle Charter - April 19, 2015

Hi, The second day of the charter was spent entirely in the Trough, a remote area between Romney and Moorefield, WV.  The day started cloudy and we would have periods of both sun and clouds for the trip.

When we arrived at the boarding area we found the covered hoppers of the previous day with the Chessie Geep on the north end and the B&O Geep on the south (above and below).  We soon learned that these were cars that had been repaired at a shop in Petersburg, WV and needed to go north to the CSX interchange in Green Spring that day to avoid an extra day of per diem charges.

The first stop in the Trough was at a place Chase Gunnoe identified as B&O Springs (above and four below).

Next was Camp Wickham (above and below).

A couple of miles south we stopped along the river where there were a variety of angles for photos (above and below).

Another stop was made at Eagle Rock (above and seven below).

Our final location for the day was Sycamore Bridge (above and two below).

I hope  you enjoyed the photos.

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