Thursday, April 23, 2015

Potomac Eagle Charter - April 18, 2015

Hi, This post contains a large number of photos as it covers a full day of charter operations with many photo locations and multiple runbys at each one.  Therefore, I plan to keep the commentary to a minimum so you can, hopefully, enjoy the photos.

When I looked out the window of our motel at 6:00 AM it was perfectly clear.  However, as we descended into the South Branch of the Potomac River valley we could see there was thick ground fog.  Our first photo location was just south of the boarding area in Romney at Mayhew Trestle.

As we walked back to the passenger train an impromptu photo line set up for this photo.

We then pushed north to the cemetery at Springfield, WV.

Chase Gunnoe, who set up the charter, arranged for this 1960 Buick convertible to be present at this and the next photo stop (above and below).

According to Chase our next stop was at Washington Bottom, however, I was told a long time ago that this is Blues Beach.  In fact that is the name on mapquest.

A couple of miles north of the boarding area we stopped for more runbys.

After lunch we headed into the Trough.  At Sector Siding this side-by-side opportunity was set up.

We then continued beyond the Trough to the north side of Moorefield, WV.  This was as far south as we would go.

On the run north photo runbys were held just south of the Sycamore Bridge.

Then the train crossed Sycamore Bridge and let us off for the final series of runbys of the day.

The night photo session was held on Mayhew Trestle (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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