Monday, August 26, 2013

Kansas City - 1

Hi, Moving on with some more slide scans here are some photos I have taken at Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City. This used to be a great place to go. All but one of the views were taken well away from the tracks in a completely safe place and there was plenty of traffic. In fact, all of the railroads serving KC could be seen in this area.  Unfortunately, with the construction of the flyover in this area all of these locations are off limits.

The ATSF train is eastbound out of Argentine Yard while the SP auto train is entering Missouri from Kansas, where crews changed at Armourdale Yard.  The SP train is crossing the Kaw River on the lower deck.

This is the only view from railroad property.  It was taken from some steps leading to the upper level of the bridge across the Kaw River.  They can be seen above the second unit in the following photo.

Here a westbound C&NW train is on coming through downtown.

Another C&NW train is headed for ATSF's Argentine Yard.

This UP freight is westbound over the upper level of the Kaw River Bridge with downtown Kansas City, MO in the background.  Santa Fe Junction is slightly out of the photo to the right.

From the same general area as the above images an ATSF freight is seen westbound.

A Soo Line transfer with a pair of SD60s is climbing the approach to the upper level of the Kaw River Bridge in this view.  Kansas City Union Terminal is in the left background.

Amtrak turns its Kansas City Mules (2 trains per day each way at this time) by pulling up on the Bridge approach and then backing down the other leg of the wye.

A Kansas City Union Terminal switcher passes through the junction.

An eastbound auto rack train,
a westbound SP train,
and a BNSF transfer returning home are all seen from ground level.

Finally a BN coal train heads south.  While technically BN Junction, not Santa Fe Junction, this is in the same area and the only location still accessible.  The two legs of the wye used by Amtrak can be seen above the power.

Thanks for looking.

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