Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kansas City - 2

Hi, In this installment we'll start just east of ATSF's Argentine Yard, move east passing KUT's engine facility and then through the west bottoms before taking a brief look at downtown.

Below an intermodal exits Argentine Yard on its eastbound run.

 Kansas City Union Terminal had its engine facility adjacent to BN junction ( Kansas City - 1) until the flyover was constructed.

The Gateway western took over the former Illinois Cenrat Gulf Route between Kansas City and St. Louis/Springfield, IL from Chicago Missouri and Western.  Its yard was between Santa Fe Junction  and the warehouse district in the west bottoms.  The route is now part of KCS.

Union Ave. Tower rises above this transfer run just to the left of the gray building in the background.

This BN switcher is running on now gone street trackage behind Union Ave. Tower.

The UP mainline passes through the west bottoms warehouse district.  Below are two eastbound manifests,

a light engine move westbound, and

another eastbound.

Moving east from Santa Fe Junction is the area around Union Station.  The Western Auto building remains an iconic landmark in this area.  The train is westbound.

A westbound SP train is seen from the W. Pennway St. Bridge.

Finally, this eastbound ATSF intermodal was photographed from the Main Street Bridge.  The view is now partially obscured by a foot bridge across the tracks from parking on the right to Union Station on the left.

Thanks for looking.

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