Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Railfanning - 8-4 and 8-5-2013

Hi, I spent 2 days along NS between Harrisburg and Southfork, PA with friend Stan Short hoping to photograph heritage units. Our search began at Tipton, PA, a few miles north of Altoona. We were aware that the Central of Georgia Unit had left Baltimore the night before, but believed it had passed through the area before we arrived on Sunday.

A number of trains passed through Tipton while we were there, including this eastbound stack train on #2 track, 

#66D on the controlled siding, and

Amtrak's Pennsylvanian.

After this westbound ethanol train passed we headed east.

When we stopped for lunch in Huntingdon, PA we checked the heritage units web site and learned the train with the CofG unit had just passed Duncannon, PA, so after lunch we set up near the old tower in town.  Before the CofG passed through this eastbound intermodal showed up.

Shortly after the eastbound passed #23Z roared through town with the CofG unit leading.

Figuring the train was going too fast to chase, we headed directly to Altoona where we checked out the "brick yard" on the south end of town.  However, the sun was on the wrong side for a decent shot so we continued west and shot the train off the PA Rte 53 bridge just west of Gallitzen, PA.

The train was moving very slowly due to the steep downhill grade at this point so we gave chase.  However, by Cresson it had picked up speed and we were never able to get ahead.

So we gave up and stopped at Cassandra.  The locals have built a small park on both sides of the tracks here and there were probably a dozen railfans, some with family, hanging out.

The first train was eastbound #24W.

It was followed by #28Z,

#11G, and #16N (shown below).

#16N was a long drag and had a pair of helpers on the rear end.

Train #X4R, a Bakken crude oil train headed for Delaware City, DE, also had helpers.

The day ended where it began, at Tipton, with this westbound intermodal.

Having spent the night in Altoona we headed east, knowing the Monongahela heritage unit was east of us on an empty oil train.  Our first location was at the east end of Jack's Narrows on the west side of Mount Union where we caught #36A, and

were surprised by Amtrak's eastbound Pennsylvanian.

While waiting for the above 2 trains we heard the dispatcher tell a westbound that he would have to wait for 2 trains ahead of him to clear.  One was #C42 which we surmised was a local heading in at Mapleton, just west of us, to work the Pennsylvania Sand Plant.  We were correct but it took over 1 1/2 hours to get to a point where we could photograph it.

We were in contact with friend Bill Kalkman who was feeding us info on the Monongahela Unit which was till in Columbia.  Also, it appeared that the Savannah and Atlanta unit might still be sitting in Enola.  So we continued east.  On the way we found a boat launch at Granville, just west of Lewistown, and were rewarded with this westbound double stack.

As we approached Enola Bill called to let us know the Monongahela was leaving Columbia on the Port Road and would be headed toward Enola.  We quickly ducked into the yard and found the S&A unit parked on #Z4R.

For our last photo of the trip we moved over to Stelle Interlocking, about a mile east of the yard, just in time to photograph the Monongahela unit on #65R.

After dinner with Bill Kalkman we headed for home.  Thanks for looking.

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