Sunday, August 11, 2013

Railfanning - 7-15-2013

Hi, Rudy Volin and I picked up Stan Short on Monday, 7/15, in Fredeicksburg, VA for a day of railfanning along the south end of the former RF&P.  Our first stop was Pinola, VA.

As I had photographed in this area previously with shorter focal lengths I decided to concentrate on telephoto shots this time.  The first photo shows a northbound manifest at 400 mm on my Nikon D300S.

Next up was another freight, this time southbound and shot at 220 mm.

Regional train #94 was next.

My last telephoto shot was of the southbound Palmetto, this time at 260 mm.

We got one more train at Pinola before moving south.

Our next stop was Elmont, VA. where the Silver Star passed very shortly after we arrived.

Not long after the Star went through the southbound Carolinian passed.  This interlocking is only about 3 years old.

It was hot waiting around in the high sun but about 1 1/2 hours later we were rewarded by Q410.

Q410 was followed by the northbound Carolinian.  At this point we decided to head back to Fredericksburg.

We missed a freight at the station just as we were getting into position.  However, the south bound Auto Train showed up shortly.

We then headed for an early dinner at Brocks Restaurant, a few blocks from the station along the Rapahanock River.  There is a terrace in the back of the restaurant from which all the photos shown below, but the last one, were shot.  I had a hamburger with fries and a drink and the cost was about $15 with tax and tip, however, the view was great and we were the only ones on the terrace.

First up was a southbound VRE commuter.

This was followed by an Amtrak regional,

the juice train, which just sort of popped out of the trees,

and another commuter train.

For our last shot we went back on the station platform.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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