Thursday, August 8, 2013

Washington, DC and Viscinity - 4

Hi, We'll move over now to the former B&O route west from Washington, DC.  The first two photos are of the westbound train from Washington, DC to Parkersburg, WV that ran in the 1970's.  While it had no name in April of 1972, I believe local railfans referred to it as Harley's Hornet as it was run at the behest of Harley Staggers, Chairman of the House Committee that oversaw Amtrak at that time.

Both photos were taken at Rockville before Metro construction started.  The Rockville station (which has been relocated away from the tracks in this area to make way for Metro) is shown at right in the second photo.

After a couple of years or so the train got Amfleet equipment and was hauled by a GE P30CH (or Pooch in railfan parlance).  The photo is from the Franklin Street bridge with the Rhode Island Metro Station on the left.

Here is the same train, different day, passing the station at Kensington, MD.

In the early days of MARC commuter operations the trains were powered by a fleet of rebuilt F units.  As push-pull was still in the future the locomotives on this route always pointed into the sun.  The train is arriving at Kensington during the morning rush.

This train is outbound in the afternoon about a 1/2 mile west of the Kensington station.  The structure framing the train is a high-wide detector.

Between Rockville and Gaithersburg is the Washington Grove stop.  It is nothing more than a platform on either side of the tracks with a small shelter on the inbound side.  The train is outbound.

The photo below was taken from the MD 355 overpass and the view has now become so cluttered that this shot is not possible.  Also, I think there is now a fence in the way.

Here a westbound freight approaches the Gaithersburg station.

This local with a passenger geep on the point is in front of the Gaithersburg station.  The station has been remodeled and is well cared for.  A small shop that sells breakfast items occupies the west end.

Thanks for looking.

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