Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kansas City - 3

Hi, This is the final batch of scanned slides from the Kansas City area. The first 2 photos show trains passing Sheffield Tower. First an eastbound SP, and then

a westbound ATSF.

There was a major crossing in the area where KCS and UP trains crossed Kansas City Terminal trackage.

The former MP Neff Yard also was in this area.

North of this area was the joint agency which was used by the Milwaukee Road (now CP) shown here northbound with the Truman Bridge in the background and

the KCS.

Knoche Yard was a major facility for the KCS and part of the joint agency.  Note, KCS did all the switching.

A Soo Line transfer is leaving Knoche Yard in the photo below.

The KCS line south out of Knoche Yard makes a spectacular climb out of the Missouri River valley.

It crosses two concrete arch bridges and

a long trestle crossing the 63rd Street Trafficway.  This view shows about 1/3 its length.

Granville was a major source of traffic and was served by its own local out of Knoche Yard.

There also was a yard south of BN Junction served by both KCS and


The MKT came into town from the south and

either the Milwaukee had trackage rights on this line or power ran through.

At Morris, KS a few miles west of Argentine Yard, the line to Topeka breaks off from the mainlines to Texas and New Mexico.  I believe everything in this scene is gone.

Thanks for looking.

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