Thursday, October 2, 2014

Galapagos Trip - 4

Hi, I joined Ellen, Bill, Scott and Ryan on a hike for the morning.
A good part of the hike was over cooled lava, which made walking difficult.  Cactus had found a way to grow in the lava.

The volcano from which the solidified lava came looms in the background.

A flamingo was feeding in one of the ponds we encountered.

About a quarter mile from the ocean there was a pool connected to the ocean via a cave.  I photographed one of 2 white tipped sand sharks swimming in the pool.

Bill was able to photograph this sea turtle in the pool.

During our afternoon Zodiac ride to the shore for another walk we encountered a number of Galapagos Penguins.

Also, there was a frenzy of birds diving into the water to catch fish.  In the photo above, by Ruthe, Blue Footed Boobies are fishing.  In my 2 photos below the birds are Brown Pelicans.

Bill took this photo of a Brown Pelican just floating.

Bill also shot the flightless Comorant and

the pair of Blue Footed Boobies plus the Galapagos Penguin.

This Blue Footed Boobie regarded us curiously.

The animals intermixed freely.  Along with a number of Boobies and a host of Marine Iguanas there was a single Galapagos Penguin seen on the right.

A Blue Footed Boobie couple is just chilling out.

Goats were brought to the island in the 1800s to serve as a source of food for whalers coming from and returning to England.  However, the goats had a disastrous effect on the environment as they ravenously ate all the plants.  This not only endangered survival of the plants, it also endangered animals that depended on the plants for food.  So the goats were eradicated.  This is the skull of one of those goats.

While on our walk we encountered this Land Iguana.

Ruthe photographed this Flightless Cormorant during her afternoon Zodiac ride.

After a hard day of exploration Ruthe caught Scott and Ryan enjoying a non alcoholic drink at the bar.  Thanks for looking.

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