Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 2014 Railfan Trip - 4

Hi, After spending the night in Liberal, KS we awoke to a cloudless sky.  It looks like it will be a beautiful day we all thought as we drove the 35 miles to Satanta and our second visit to the Cimarron Valley.

This photo was taken at 8:52 AM looking north and a careful look at the photo will show there already is trouble on the horizon. 

By 9:06 AM the cloud front had moved considerably southeast as the crew for the train to Dodge City went to work.

They backed out the line to Springfield, CO as the clouds moved in (above and below).

Having completed their air test they left Satanta for Dodge City at 9:27 AM with B39-8 #8501 in the lead.  I have included a selection of the photos I took as the line is pretty repetitious although with sun I would have used more images.

Here the train is between Copeland and Montezuma and then

Passing through Montezuma.

East of Montezuma there is a huge wind farm.

If you like elevators this is a great line to photograph.  This elevator was at Haggard.

Just east of Ensign there is small wooden trestle coming out of a slight curve.

There were a few standard windmills along the route, this one between Ensign and Dodge City.

Just west of Dodge City the railroad passes under US 400.  A view looking east appeared in the September 12 Blog.

The train crossed the Arkansas River in Dodge City and

past a horse tethered in a field.  Thanks for looking.

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