Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Railfanning on CSX's Metropolitan Sub - 10-28-2014

Hi, As the weather was good yesterday and the foliage around our home looked very nice I thought I would try to get some fall foliage photos close to home.

I started out in Washington Grove, MD which is about a mile south of Gaithersburg.  Q216 showed up a couple of minutes after I got parked.

As nothing in the way of foliage caught my attention I moved on to Gaithersburg where I ran into friend John King.  We had a few minutes to catch up and then things began to happen.  First up was Q416 shown here passing the old freight station which is now part of a museum.  As the train came into view I could hear an eastbound blowing nearby.

 Q416 had just cleared when a loaded coal train came into view.

I decided to move on again and checked out Metropolitan Grove where I caught U777 passing Q416, which had stopped for some reason.

I went as far as Germantown where I got another photo of Q416.  On the way here Q415 got by me.  Note that these trains operate between Richmond, VA and Cumberland, MD.  The train to Cumberland is considered northbound, hence the even number, and the train to Richmond is considered southbound, hence the odd number.

Finally, I returned to Washington Grove on my way home where 616B, a helper set, breezed through.  As quieted down at this point and I was not impressed with the foliage I quit for the day.  I was out less than 3 hours.  Thanks for looking.

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