Sunday, October 26, 2014

Railfanning 10/24/2014

Hi, I spent last Friday railfanning with friend Dale Jacobson.  The opportunity was much appreciated as it was the first time we had been out railfanning in over three years.

Our plan was to begin in Hagerstown and we stopped at Vardo Yard to inquire about the Winchester & Western.  When we learned that they had a derailment at the wye just outside of the yard we asked about NS trains and were told there would be both north and south bound trains in one to one and a half hours.

We elected to go north.  As we were exploring just south of Marion, PA we heard #211 call a signal a few miles north of us so we set up in Marion.

As #211 was really moving we did not give chase.  Instead we headed up to Chambersburg, PA where we stumbled upon #37Q with this Soo Line SD60.  It was a surprise to us as I had not checked Facebook that morning.  It was passed by #228 here and we attempted to beat #228 back to Marion without success.

However, we elected to wait here for #37Q (above and below). 

While we chased #37Q we heard the dispatcher inform #228 that it would be run around by #37Q south of Greencastle.  As we were unable to beat #37Q to the overpass south of Greencastle and could see #228 north of us in the siding, we decided to wait for it (above and below).

We then moved on to Rench Road, south of Hagerstown, MD as we heard a train preparing to head down the H Line.  We were really surprised when #211 showed up.  However, a cloud covered the sun and the location is not much anymore, so the photo is not included. 

Our next stop was St. James, MD where we arrived about a minute before #37Q.

We continued to explore south and stopped at the Tommytown Road grade crossing in Mercersville, MD where we caught #228 (above and below).

At Sharpsburg, MD we were just in time to photograph our first northbound of the day on the south side of town, local #V96 (above and below).

We returned to Mercersville where we photographed #38Q and


Since nothing else seemed to be in the offing on the H Line we decided to relocate to Shenandoah Junction, WV.  Shortly after got there a very late running eastbound Capitol Limited showed up

followed shortly by westbound Q373 (above and below).

Our final train of the day was #203.  Thanks for looking.

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