Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September 2014 Railfan Trip - 9

Hi, This day was set aside for the Arkansas & Missouri, and in particular their new SD70ACes.

We arrived at the A&M shops and found their Alco RS-1 and an Alco C-420.  After awhile the sun came out and we got some decent shots.  Sitting in the background were the railroads 3 SD70ACes.  We talked to a shop employee and were told 2 of them would be taking the train to Monett, MO and would leave about 10 AM.

After getting a number of photos at the shops we left town to find our first location.  At the first spot we checked out we found this Alco T-6/C-420 duo switching (above and below).

Our first location was at Garfield, AR.  Signs of the spring derailment here still exist.

We caught the train again at Seligman, MO and

Washburn, MO

before it reached Monett, MO.  It sat for a few minutes before it moved into the yard.

There used to be a wye here but the trackage beyond the switch stand has been torn up (above and below).

While the A&M power was at the other end of the yard setting out their train BNSF provided some entertainment with three westbounds, first of which was this vehicle train.

After awhile the power came to the west end of the yard and switched the cars BNSF had left them into station order (above and four below).

While they were switching a BNSF train of coal empties headed west.

When the train headed south we photographed it on the south side of Monett,

between Monett and Purdy,

on the north side of Butterfield where they stopped to work, and

in Butterfield,
Washburn and

Garfield, AR (above and below).

Thanks for looking.

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Steve Boyko said...

Wow, love that yard power! Great shots.