Monday, October 13, 2014

Galapagos Trip - 7

Hi, This post will cover the last day of activities on our trip.  We anchored in the harbor of Puerto Ayora and would spend the day ashore here.

This barge was used to re provision the ship.

We passed this cemetery

on the way to the Darwin Research Station.  The station specializes in breeding Galapagos Tortoises.

After our visit to the Darwin Center we had some time in town where Ruthe photographed the above display of hats.

While we waited by the dock I was intrigued by the attention being attracted by a local fisherman.  He was cleaning a couple of fish and selling slices to people who came up to him.  The sea lion and

this pelican have high hopes.  In fact I thought the pelican might take a bite or two.

These two pelicans were engaged in a discussion over who had rights to this spot and, hopefully, the resulting fish scraps.

Ah, success for the sea lion.

Our next activity involved a bus ride to the highlands where we would plant Scalesia trees.  On the way we encountered a giant tortoise on the road.

As it was raining in the highlands we were provided with ponchos.

Ruthe is in the middle of planting her tree.

Ellen, Bill, Scott and Ryan are engaged in their tree planting.

At our lunch stop Ryan (above) and Scott (below) spotted two tortoise shells to climb into.

After lunch we were treated to a number of folk dances performed by local high school students (above and 3 below).

At the end of the performance those of us who wanted to do so were invited to join the dancers.

Outside the restaurant were a number of tortoises for us to see and photograph in the wild.

This ends our activities on our trip to the Galapagos.  Thanks for  looking.

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